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 Go Karts and Go Kart

just what are  Go Karts?

By now, almost everyone has seen a Go Kart. Some people may think it's a toy, and some people may see it as a real motorcycle, only smaller. The truth is, Go Karts and  Go Karts are really machines of a sport that has been sweeping Europe and Japan for over 5 years now.

Americans got their first glimpse of Go Karts just a few years ago. They were brought here from Italy and cost upwards of $4000 a Go Kart. That is what really kept the sport from growing here in the U.S. While many found these Go Karts cool and interesting, not many people were willing to buy a mini motorcycle for almost the price of a real motorcycle.

Why do Go Karts cost so much back then? There is one simple answer; It takes a lot of invested capital to design a Go Kart. The Italian and Japanese spent thousands of man and computer hours designing and redesigning the motors, frames, wheels, geometry and all other aspects of these bikes. Then there is a testing phase, where they would take a Go Kart out to the test track and ride them for hundreds of hours until the bike worked flawlessly. That drives up their costs significantly and thus is passed on to the consumer.

Fortunately for us today, there are several manufacturers that have taken the principals pioneered and tested by these original manufacturers and applied them to the Go Karts and  Go Karts you see today. Costs have been cut, and more technologically advanced manufacturing plants have further driven down costs. However, some manufacturers also cut the quality of the parts and motor that goes into a Go Kart.

ExpressATVs.com only deals with the best manufacturer in the business. We also help in the design process of a Go Kart so that some of these Go Karts and  Go Karts may even be better than the original ones you can buy for thousands of dollars. We are the top mini vehicles company in the industry. We carry Go Karts, mini quads,  dirt bikes,  Go Karts and mini choppers as well as stock a full line of OEM and Performance upgrade parts for your Go Kart. Our staff tests, rides, races and owns the Go Karts you see on our web site. We also provide free technical support for life, as well as offer a telephone number where you can reach a live consultant in case you have any questions regarding your Go Kart.

So what is the difference between a Go Kart & a  Go Kart? A Go Kart is smaller in size and lighter in weight. If you have ever dreamed of competing in a motorcycle race or event, the smaller Go Kart is the way to go. It accelerates very fast, reaches the redline in a matter of a few seconds and have a very flat torque curves. This is ideal for racing. These smaller Go Karts also have less bells-and-whistles for the sake of weight reduction. Weight, in any vehicle, is the enemy. Take for example, our lightest Go Kart, the Cagllari Daytona model. It is not only the lowest priced Go Kart we carry, it also happens to be among the fastest of its group. Weighing in at under 40 pounds and tackling a 40 mph top speed, this little Go Kart not only rips in a straight line, it also handles as if the rider was directly joined to the bike. The mini Go Karts are not only great for racing, it is also an inexpensive and realistic way for newcomers to get introduced to motorcycle riding.

Those who crave for more style but still like the purest approach to this sport may opt for one of our many other Go Karts. Features range from treaded tires, full fairings (body panels) to suspension systems. There are many models of Go Karts to choose from, and only ExpressATVs will deliver the best motor, frame structure and design for your enjoyment.

 Go Karts are the new trend. The demand for larger and more optioned-out motorcycles came after we made Go Karts affordable to the general public. These bikes are larger, more comfortable and have many more features for the rider. These are more street bikes than they are track bikes. However, because of their larger displacement engines and 4 speed transmissions,  Go Karts are faster in a straight line than the smaller high-revving Go Karts.

Most of these  Go Karts come fully equipped with headlights, tail lights, full suspension systems and even a horn and electric starters.  Go Karts, though heavier, handle very well. They are even more tossable than their larger  bike siblings from manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Many adults purchase Go Karts for their children. Depending on the age and size of your child, a  Go Kart may be the way to go. Because of the  Go Kart's larger size, kids may be able to understand a bike's physics a bit better than a smaller one. And many of them have hydraulic brakes and working switches, horn and lights which also lends to the quick adaptation to full size motorcycles.  Go Karts are definitely more challenging to ride than smaller bikes. But by no means are they difficult to ride. As with everything, there is a learning curve. As long as the rider knows how to ride a bicycle, there should not be a problem riding any  Go Kart or its smaller version.

For starters, the X7 Bullet  Go Kart is a good place to begin. It is relatively inexpensive, yet offers almost all of the features in the more expensive 4-stroke versions of the  bikes. Though it may not be quite as fast as the top-of-the-line  Go Karts, it is fast enough for spirited riding in almost all situations. With its electric start, headlights, horn and a myriad of other features, even some experienced riders prefer riding this  sized Go Kart and find it more than sufficient for their needs. Take some time to check out our ior Go Karts Go Karts and quads. We also have DOT approved safety equipment along with fun upgrade parts and much more. Check out our bike store at ExpressATVs

And unlike many other  Go Karts, our bikes actually come with ultra high performance parts that are factory installed. That means that your  Go Kart is ready for max performance right out of the box. While lesser manufacturers and retailers are trying to cut costs by selling these aftermarket bike parts separately, we at ExpressATVs includes them with every  Go Kart we offer. We always carry the latest model year pocket motorcycles with the latest improvements in design, functionality, performance and safety. And remember, we are one of the only manufacturers that has actually obtained the coveted EPA Approval / Exemption on almost every single one of our Go Karts and  Go Karts we carry. We offer the best products, the best service and the best prices on every single item we offer.

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